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Products are carefully crafted by local Arkansas cultivators and tested to meet state requirements. CROP sources its products locally to provide your cannabis with maximum care. We offer many avenues of consumption for a variety of preferences and always listen to our customers when sourcing the latest strains.

2 edibles on wooden plate with cannabis leaf on table


Edibles are a fantastic smokeless option for those wishing to ingest instead of inhale. Along with our source partners, we craft snacks with specific strains that include chocolates, gummies and lozenges. Effects take longer to onset and usually last longer than other forms of consumption, so allow ample time after ingestion.

ONSET: Anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on metabolism and absorption material in the stomach.

DURATION: Roughly several hours, though higher doses can sometimes last up to 24 hours.


The flower is the dry form of the cannabis plant’s buds, making this the most natural form of experiencing cannabis benefits.

ONSET: Within seconds of inhalation.

DURATION: Peak effects occur around 30 minutes after inhalation and last approximately 1-3 hours.

Want to learn more about how to consume cannabis flower? Ask us!

amber-colored concentrate om white piece of paper

THC Concentrate

This form is processed from both cannabis flower and leaf trimmings in order to extract the most desirable compounds from each strain. Boasting a higher potency than flower, concentrates provide amplified effects and benefits. Forms of concentrate include oils, waxes and shatter, and are typically smoked or vaporized.

ONSET: Within seconds of inhalation.

DURATION: Peak effects occur around 30 minutes after inhalation and last approximately 1-3 hours.


For those looking to move into smokeless consumption, cannabis tinctures are the best way to acclimate to the process. Tinctures are made by infusing alcohol with the chemical properties of the strain, producing a liquid that can be dropped on the tongue or added to other liquids or beverages. Each of our devices comes with a dosing dropper, allowing you to control your consumption to what suits your comfort.

ONSET: Full effects are usually felt between 20-30 minutes.

DURATION: For frequent users effects may last a couple of hours, while infrequent users may experience effects for up to several hours.


Applied directly to the skin, topical cannabis provides a wide range of effects and benefits. It also provides a great approach for customers looking to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC. CROP offers creams, balms and salves to help with pain management, skin conditions, arthritis symptoms and overall skin health.

ONSET: Anywhere from five minutes to two hours.

DURATION: Up to 12 hours.

Vape Oil

Vape oil cartridges, or carts, are a popular choice with customers due to the ease of use, discreteness and portability. These glass cartridges are filled with anywhere from one-third to one gram of cannabis oil screwed onto a vaporizer pen.

ONSET: Within seconds of inhalation.

DURATION: From 30 minutes up to 3 hours.

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